Saturday, February 9, 2013

Winter Storm Nemo from the front porch

Yes, it snowed. The dogs were not pleased, nor was I as I couldn't get the door open far enough for them to go outside. Boots on!
Getting there!
*Knew* I should have put the garbage bin on the the porch last night....

Charlsie took all of 15 seconds to do his business & return to the door.
So much yet to do. :/  But our electric remained on so it's all good :)
Street view  .   Off to make syrup & pancakes.


  1. oh sure got it. thank heavens your electric is still on! stay safe and warm!

  2. Attila hates the cold. When it snows like this, he takes about 15 seconds, too. And we spend way too much time trying to get Janani back into the house--she is a psychotic know lover.

    Glad you had power ;-)

  3. poor doggies, don't blame them!!!!