Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tortie turtle

Tortie is Grandchild #1s' young red-eared slider.
He (?) came to live in my space when Papi Antonio & Sara thought he would like more attention than he was getting at their place.  A quick look online ( 10 page PDF ) revealed that a healthy red-ear slider can live 70+ years.
This is his (?) exercise bin.  Little guy moves quick.  He isn't thrilled with show & tell, either, or 2 yrolds yelling when they touch him (gently).  Little guy spent most of the evening trying to climb out of his travel tank.  Instead of working on cross-stitch or reading, I spent the evening watching him not-climb.  Kind of like a lava lamp bubbling away......

Hopefully, Antonio & Sara will help get a proper tank for him (heater, basking rock, 20 gal. tank).  It seems that these little guys can grow 12'' (shell-wise) & need a correspondingly sized tank for swimming........


  1. I have known people who had these turtles and they do live a long time if cared for properly, sadly too many are neglected and die.This little guy must be happy and healthy to be putting on a show for you!