Wednesday, June 12, 2013


...those damn Facebook games! Bubble Witch, Panda Jam, Pet Rescue Saga...timesuckers all. & I have decided to go cold turkey.  No more games, they just take up too much time.

Instead, I will catch up on my reading. I'm, like, 16 posts behind on Gordons' blog . Behind way too many posts to count on Dionysian Atavism .  Behind on my favorite blog named to remind of a garden , but not to do with gardening. 

Tomorrow I will bake a cake (so that I don't have to throw away a cake mix) & try out an intriguing frosting recipe. One that involves instant hot chocolate mix with the word 'golden' in the title. So I'm pretty sure that I will end up scraping it off into the trash. *is* an almost-intriguing idea.

Oh, & Gertie has it right. *Why* would people fuss over the sight of that fleshy upper arm skin?  Seriously, get off the insistence of ripping apart our appearance, women!


  1. lots going on in your world! Good luck with the cake, I will have to check out the fleshy arm post, take care,

  2. Once upon a time, I was totally addicted to FarmVille... for about three months. Then I wasn't. Tag! You're it :-D

    I hope the cake is yummy. I think I'm making macaroni and cheese casserole, as I have been given several not so discrete hints these last few days. Then I have to finish a scene...

    Um... "fleshy upper arm"?

    1. That bit that hangs just outside of the armhole of a sleeveless blouse. The cake bit the dust. I need to get an oven tester thing, to find out how hot the oven is. Believe the element is going out as I had the oven at 400, instead of 350 & the center didn't cook through.

    2. Ah, fleshy upper arm! lol

      The macaroni and cheese casserole has been postponed, too. We had an earring incident before I started making dinner, and of course the resolution wasn't reached for what seemed like hours (after lots of tears). But all is well know. The ears are, um... decked out and the formerly sobbing princess is in bed. Disregard my last, she just knocked on the door and asked me, "Can I get my peace sign earrings before the Summer Solstice?" *sigh*

    3. Ah, yes....young ladies are all so practiced at splitting hairs, twisting words, batting eyes, & selective memory ;)

  3. I play Bubble shooter on-line, it's mind-numbingly simple and boring, yet totally addictive :)