Tuesday, June 25, 2013

'Tis prime hibernations season!

The sun is bright (it burns!), making my skin itch & boil as much as it excites my young grandchildren. My ability to take them to the beach (which I enjoy) is limited to late afternoon or early evening. The high humidity makes it difficult to breathe,so, even if it's only 9.20 in the morning, the A/C is on.  Once it's after 9 a.m. & before 6 p.m. the only thing I'm interested in is staying inside!   Therefore, I've been searching out projects to do.

It's never too early to start on Yuletide ornaments .  Or, maybe, cute black kitties are the way to go.  Here's a sweet sampler type , but samplers aren't really to my taste. 

Then again, larger needles could be put to use. I have the yarn for this & a few of these .

Or, the sewing machine could be brought out for a few things.  Melly is wrapping up 30 days of Sundresses...giveaways, tutorials, patterns, etc.  & Kate has so many cute ideas! 

CraftGossip is always good for ideas in any manner of craftiness, as well.

Then again, this is just fascinating reading...way to go Jack & Harold ! & this piece will give you all you need to know about being happy :)

Or, I could just finish the two mini shawls & the birth record/sampler I already started.......;)

See, so many ways to avoid The Bright Burning One & it's companion Air So Thick It Strangles :)


  1. me too! i hate this weather!!! i am out watering when it is still dark. our low temps are even hot. we are officially in a drought. blah! bring on fall!

    1. As much rain as we have got, once again the drought threatens here as well!

  2. I right there with you, you have lots of great projects on the go!!!

  3. Well, it seems you are not going to run out of things to do.

    I love the heat--I know, horrible. I love running outside when the it's about 85 degrees. It makes me think that I'm in the Dominican Republic. So yes, I've been out a lot ;-D