Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Even though I knew

...that the proportions were off, to suit me, I made the biscuit recipe as written.  Yum...blueberry biscuits! This recipe had 4 cups plain flour, 2 cups milk,  2/3 cup sugar, 10 T. butter (cold), 8 t. baking powder, 2 t. slat, & blueberries. 

Just looking at this, I could see that there was too much milk for biscuits which were supposed to be rolled & cut. I also questioned the amount of butter & that the recipe called for the butter to be chunked (small) & folded in lightly, instead of incorporated.  Sure enough, the batter was more like a drop, more like a cake batter as I added another 3/4 cup flour to get the batter to a 'drop' consistency.  The chunked butter acted like I thought it might, as well. That is, melted all over the baking sheet. The taste is fine, except that much butter is making my digestive system most unhappy.

Usually, when I am this unhappy with a batter, I would just toss it out, *but* fresh blueberries only come along for a few weeks/yearly, so.....nuts.

Given my current living environment, money is hard to come by.  So when I get some unexpectedly, I do my best to get yearly gift-giving out of the way. To that end, this years' gifties are bought & waiting to be wrapped.  As well, I bought materials for throw-quilts & yarn for throw-sized afghans. Now, I now that, when substituting yarn, weight must be taken into account. Which I did...switching one bulky weight for another.  However, I forgot to check skein size (the ozs.).  Naturally, when checking the materials list, I discovered that I was 4 ozs. short. So, my order just came in. One more skein of each color:  (Lion Brand Yarn Hometown USA) Phoenix Azalea, Napa Valley Pinot, New Orleans French Berry, Portland Wine, Cincinnati Red.  Also, size 13, 36" circular needles (I always knit a few sizes too big, so needles I use are generally 2 sizes smaller than requested in the pattern).

Ah, Stonehenge. After all these years, still it lends itself to much speculation. Still the occasional scholar just Knows they have discovered it's true purpose or some such about it's history. For example, a map !  oooooo  :)

& this, this is just an interesting thing to contemplate.


  1. were the biscuits edible? sounds like a lot of baking powder too! You made me smile when you said money is a little tight, ( don't I know that feeling) lol, to think of others for gifting is such a wonderful plan, its what I must do too, I love the size of those needles you bought, I'm a loose knitter, I think I should size down, as well, I can't knit like I did once but I still do, I make things with holes, but its still a joy to hold the needles, take care my friend,

    1. The biscuits have a good taste, but more of a cake-y texture. Next time I try this recipe I will cut the baking powder down by a teaspoon, to start. When I tasted the batter it had that tang of too-much b.p. to it.

  2. Baking pastries is my nemesis. There are a few things (about three) that I can actually make without poisoning any tasters, but not even those are questionable. I'm sure your batter was better than anything I can put together. Really.

    One of these days, I would give peanut butter cheesecake another try. The last time I did, even the trashcan was giving me scared looks.