Tuesday, July 30, 2013


One of my favorite bloggers, lovely Laurie of I love a cloudy day , has a post of memories linked to doors. I've moved so often, that doors only mean 'new' & 'different'. What my memories are linked most to are growing things.

Hollyhocks are what my (late) paternal grandmother planted two rows of by the slope leading up to the top story of her barn. She told me that they were planted there to keep the hay truck drivers from missing the slope & ripping up her hill.

Joseph's Coat Rose lets me picture my grandmother's garden. She had 52 large old fashioned rose bushes & so many bearded iris in two rows that their perfume was almost overwhelming.

Both are memories of time decades past.  Before the birth of my daughter, before my move to Connecticut. 

The Sleeping Giant & East Rock overlooking New Haven remind me of when I first came to Connecticut, with a very young daughter.

Not so many images bring memories, anymore. Not so many reasons to feel rooted here, as home, this past twenty years.....


  1. our memories are ours and ours alone, they are treasures aren't they, some think memories are free but some memories have a high cost, I hope you create many more beautiful memories where ever you are,

  2. i always tell my kids that in the end, you are left with only memories. do you want to have good ones or bad ones? it's your choice. ( and then they roll their eyes!)

  3. Hiking, deep in the woods, reminds me of home. The sent of fresh fruit. Animals making their respective noises. The sun bright, interrupted by sudden rain...

  4. From your comment on my blog I understand that you are going through something big at the moment. I hope the outcome is what you wish for!