Saturday, July 13, 2013

2 Quotes, 1 Visual, #24

It's the middle of Summer Vacation Time.  Bookstores & websites have their Summer Reading Lists  published & pricing specials in place. While an absolutely wonderful read, 'Runelight' (Joanne Harris, sequel to 'Runemarks') is far too hefty, physically & emotionally, for beach or forest. My edition has 572 pages & weighs enough for a blunt instrument. The words so well entwine with each other, that pulling quotes out of context is nearly impossible. So, forewarned is forearmed ;)

Quote 1: "The words often sounded like nonsense to her, but there was wisdom in nonsense, she knew, if one could only fathom it; and as she watched the Fiery trail, she hummed a little rock-a-bye that had been on her mind since she awoke--a little rhyme that went all the way back to the Elder Age: See the Cradle rocking;   High above the town.;   Down come the Firefolk;   To bring the baby down.;   All the way to Hel's gate;   Firefolk are bound.;   Pucker-lips, a-pucker-lips,;   All fall down."  (page 84, paragraph 6)
   I do so enjoy the rhythm of poetry, when neatly inserted in a tale. I think it reflects my love of the rhymes associated with the Runes.

Quote 2: "Angie stroked his slimy mane. 'Hungry, darling? That's my boy.'  She smiled at Maddy.'My boys have always had a healthy appetite,' she said.  'Now come on, sweetheart, and take Maddy home.  You can catch a bite on the way.' "    (page 160, paragraph 7)
   Angie = Angrboda. Can you picture Her children?  Once more, that dry sense of humor that so appeals to my memory. It was rough going, sticking to only two quotes.  Pages 99 & 231 were very close runner-ups.

1 Visual: "The two birds disappeared at once, to be replaced by two tattered figures, one lounging on the ottoman, one perched on the bed.  To Maddy they looked almost identical, but for the difference in gender and size, and the  broad streak of white in the girl's long hair.  Both were dressed in shiny black, in a fabric that might have been feathers or silk, but which somehow resembled neither.  Their hair was wild and tangled, and they both wore a great deal of silver jewelry- rings on every finger, bracelets stacked halfway up each arm- earrings that jangled with feathers and bells; strings and strings of gleaming jet beads."   (page 105, paragraph 14)
   mmm---Sweet vision of Huginn & Munnin. The bracelets would drive me nuts, but I would love to find such earrings!

Upon my shelves sit 'Runemarks' & 'Runelight'.  No question that this pair will move wherever I do.


  1. I had a Joanne Harris phase - my favorite was Blackberry Wine. I had an idea that Runemarks was for Young Adults - am I wrong?

    1. The books are marketed for young adults, but I rarely pay attention to that. If it interests me, I read it.