Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Creatures that freak out my daughter.

Because if you can't freak out your children, who else can you?
 1) crows #18, people.  *#18*!

 2)cute baby stingrays  These creeped her out so much, she couldn't watch the entire clip. *I* think they're adorable, & wish their 'legs' would evolve into legs.

 3)snakes  knock,knock!  Who's there?

 4)Peru  Peru is off the 'visit one day' list.

 5)rainforests Are we noticing a trend?

 6)She's not fond of Loas (opps....Laos), either.

 7)they're not even a spider !

Spoiled for choice I am :)


  1. well we all have our phobias, I must say this is a very interesting list!I hope you are well, and enjoying your days, take care my friend,

  2. Man, and there I was hoping we could participate in Naked and Afraid at the jungles of Perú *sigh*

    1. P.S. My Piano Man is totally addicted to that show LOL

    2. What is the goal of that show? I haven't watched it as it seems like just one more strictly scripted 'reality' show.

  3. That crow thing was great! And I loved the giant snake *thud* :)