Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's Wednesday!

Which is one way of saying that it's time for my first 'New Year, New You' update.
       For those unaware, my daughter (husband, 3 grandchildren, 1 dog) & I (1 dog, 5 cats) share a household. Hence, my private space is limited, physically as well as spiritually (daughter aware but ignores, husband blissfully ignorant, grandchildren too young).  Due to this limitation, I keep 'stuff' pared down to a clutter, a little dust, everything in its' place. 
       My learning 'disabled' self firmly agrees with Deb: no magic happening in a dirty, cluttered space!
       A few of the more noticeable Big Rocks I juggle are Time & Shadow.
                      Time: This involves day-time time-sucks (such as Facebook) which I need to slash drastically *sigh*.  While I recognize I spend far too long socializing, the Time just creeps up.  (As I type, grandchild #2 whines for applesauce & cheese while grandchild #3 fusses because I won't hold her Doddle-Pad for her).  Night-time is an easy solution of cutting out Tv-time so I can fill it with Craft, crafts, & exercise (providing I remember to turn the heater on in the exercise room).
                       Shadow: I abhor telling anyone my business. Ever. This includes....everything. I do not make it a practice to tell people where I have worked, what i craft, where I live, am going, planning on especially includes Craft-work.  I am contemplating joining in on a book-list blog of the 'what i am going to read during 2012'.  I have avoided listing any books as it's giving me cotton-mouthed kittens at the thought of actually stating publicly what I am going to do.Partly, I think this is due to difficulty explaining what I experience, given my particular learning disabilities, my universe is truly my own.  Mostly, I don't know what Shadow is all about.  Frigga & I will be working on this, methinks, come this Saturday night.
        I hope this post makes any sort of sense...between some ADD, lack of caffeine, & 2 busy grandchildren....


  1. Being that private of a person is something v. foreign to me because I have a big mouth and tend to overshare. I would likely benefit by being a little more circumspect about certain things. Hopefully we'll learn how to be somewhere in the middle!

  2. Time wasters are a hard one for me too. I spread myself way to thin, and then crash and spend a whole night online doing nothing. Some balance there would be good.

    Shadow work is difficult, but it is meant to be. This is a good time of year to work on it too! Best wishes!

  3. @Deborah...I have improved some as I've gotten better about sitting by open windows now.

    @Rue...Thank you!

  4. well it most certainly does make sense, I have always been a no share person about me, I have opened some what since starting blogging but will never share everything,, I would feel sharing some of my self would contaminate it or cheapen them 9 them being thoughts or beleifs).
    You have a challenging household to have private space, I have a place I go in my minds eye, its a lovely spot and because its always with me I can zone out and go there often.
    And you were worried you didn't make sense,, I'm sure I haven't,, Happy Winter Solstice to you!

  5. I have walked alone and in silence a long time. At times I have used only gestures to avoid being overheard by neighbors.

    I also find it difficult to share my craftings, especially since I live in the "Bible Belt"--the buckle and reddest, most conservative state ever (my opinion).

  6. When I Work in the spring & summer I have Loreena McKinnet playing...not because it's appropriate to what I am doing, but so the neighbors a few feet away can't hear/understand what I'm saying.

  7. I can totally understand what you mean by the whole 'cotten mouth kitten feeling' when mentioning what you do