Thursday, December 29, 2011

(NewYear, New You) Something I've Been Putting Off

    Well, how easy was it to list a series of things I have put off?  I am overly blessed with choices for this prompt!
     So overly blessed in fact that I can be very specific, & shall do so:    1) Thursday: Grandchild #2 has need of a room makeover, & I shall complete this today.  As well as start on Grandchild #1/#3s' bedroom. 
  2) I have need to Speak to someone this night.
  3) It's been nearly a year since I determined to go through my closet (literal & metaphoric) & Friday shall be the day (Friday...Freya...Frigg...seems an appropriate day), so that
  4)all is clear on Saturday to lay out the German & start in..even I think cupcakes are in order for me & Ryan Seacrest/Dick Clark.

     It is important for me to start New Years' Day off in the manner to which I will have the New Year finish.  So, everything will be cleaned & arranged, downsizing fluff will be nearly complete, especially the stuff I have put off during these last few months.

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  1. I have decluttered the major portion of my house (rooms), but will have to tackle small items (desks) in the new year. I had no choice about the closet--everything in it was too big. It went to the thrift store that gives jobs to the developmentally handicapped.