Saturday, December 8, 2012

2 Quotes, 1 Visual # 10

# 10 is 'This Brilliant Darkness' (Red Tash).  This was the first book I read of Reds, & it knocked me for a loop. Gorgeous plot, wonderful writing which took, & takes, me to a place within this world that I had never imagined. A dark tale told from several viewpoints, of a dark creature & the dark places it takes people.

Quote #1: "She thought of the elephant-headed god Ganesha, & she wondered what "crazy" might mean to God.  She snaked her arms through the air, & laughed."  (page 130, paragraph 1)
   So much crazy sht going on in this tale, but is it really?

Quote #2: "In the woods, on the brick-lined paths between Third Street & the office, the monster--Greachin was his name--had found Richard.  Tristan felt it.
                   He took his position, white silvery wings folded behind him, in a shady alcove of the round room.  She would be here soon.  The time was upon them."  (paragraph 2,3; page 196)
    As indeed it was. Such plain words, such simple turns, used to such great effect.  The entire book unfolded in my mind as I read, thanks to Reds' skill as a storyteller.

1 Visual: "Large black wings. A wisp of oily feathers & a beak as hard & smooth as steel.  A powerful chest, muscled like a man's, & leathery wings that would support such a body in flight. Over eight feet tall.
                  The woman shivered in her sleep."   (paragraph 10-1, pages 45-6)
   It doesn't take an over-abundance of adjectives to provide a vivid picture. *So* nice to read a writer who understands this.  This is a book to swallowed whole, in one setting, & then stroked, sweetly, one chapter at a time. Impatiently, it seems I must wait for the second installment.


  1. Never heard of it, totally have to check it out now!

  2. Just wanted to let you know you won! Please send me your address so I can put the postcards in the mail right away!