Saturday, December 1, 2012

2 Quotes, 1 Visual #8

Next up is "Traditional Witchcraft for the Woods & Forests" (Melusine Draco).   This volume is set up seasonally, & has a sub-title of 'A Witchs' Guide to the Woodland with Guided Meditations & Pathworking'.  I have an affinity with trees (their presence grounds me & gives great joy), however, guided meditations can be difficult given the distractions within this current household.

Quote #1:  "It is said that the forest knows all & is able to teach all; that the forest listens & holds the secret of every mystery."   (Page 8, paragraph 4)
     This I well believe: that the older the forest, the more knowledge, & danger, within.  When I touch bark, I can feel the sap flowing within.  When the winds blow, if all is quiet within, I can hear their words (although the translation is more emotional than verbal!).  When I walk in a forest, I am never alone.

Quote #2: The list of Native Trees (U.K.) written of, is like a meditative chant for me when spoken:  Alder, Ash, Aspen, Beech, Birch, Blackthorn, Box, Cherry, Crab Apple, Elder,  hornbeam, Juniper, Lime (Linden), Maple, Oak, Scots pine, Strawberry tree, White Beam, Wild Servbice tree, Willow, Wych Elm, Yew.  (Pages 16-37)

Visual: " in the chill, monochrome British woodland...Winter light has more variety than in summer, with its subtle shades of grey & green & brown....pale, liquid dawns, fiery sunsets; low rain-filled clouds in all shades of grey; gossamer-fine mists..."   (Page79, paragraph 2)
     Here writes a person who has taken many a walk.  I very much wish that I could join her.

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