Saturday, December 1, 2012

2 Quotes, 1 Visual #6

The first in a set of four, "Traditional Witchcraft for Urban Living" (Melusine Draco) is a primer for the modern city-dweller.  Practical, written in a no-nonsense manner, albeit from the perspective of  the U.K., this book reassures as well as informs.  There are a great many underlined sentences & bent pages, in addition to the following.

Quote #1: "Not once, in all that time did I have the luxury of wild, open spaces--it was all concrete & asphalt. But not once, in all that time, did I stop being a real witch."  (Page3, paragraph 1)
     Quickly, Draco reassures & dismisses the notion, brought up by certain people, that Real Witches must needs be in close contact with Wild Nature.  Granted, it has been a while since I've heard such fluff.  Then again, I avoid such people.  Those young on their path may not be so lucky.

Quote #2:  "In fact, the psychic pressures on an urban witch far outweigh those of her country cousin because whereas in the country it is always possible to find a quiet corner, in the town there is that continuous tidal wave of negative psychic interference (albeit unintentional) from neighbors & our immediate surroundings."  (Page 25, paragraph 2)
       Draco aims to help the urban witch cope with this psychic barrage through the publication of this book.  It is certainly something that I need help with!

Visual:  "As the years go by, & the witch learns to hone those talents through repeated experience, the inner questioning of his or her own ability is no longer'll know what you are.
          When one looks at it, one cannot see it;
          When one listens for it, one cannot hear it;    
          When one seeks it, one cannot find it;
          When one uses it, it is inexhaustible.   "         (Paragraph 140, page 3)