Tuesday, December 4, 2012


     There are quite a few blogs running Holiday postings: Elisalex , Ms. Misantropia , Magaly , & Maureen ,  among others.  I'm not feeling the HoHoHo Spirit at the moment, so I am going with this less intensive post for the Holiday Season.  I title it my Christmas Special in One Dimension (henceforth known as CSiOd, pronounced 'sod' ).  Viewers will have to furnish their own hot chocolate & candy canes (the peppermint red & white ones, not the Life-Saver flavored ones which are an abomination).
      My CSiOD has cute little baby animals (not white fluffy Disney puppies scripted with inane dialogue), the best sort of falling snow (the sort seen on a TV screen while sitting in a warm apartment), the perfect tree (Martha Stewart), the perfect Christmas Dinner (Martha Stewart), the perfectly wrapped gifts (Martha Stewart), &, of course, holiday music (hymn , carol , & song ).
     I hope  you enjoyed this little CSiOD.  Regular programming shall now commence (after this *one* Holiday Cartoon ...which almost puts me in a Good Mood ;).


  1. I can't open the CSiOD link, but maybe one needs to be invited? Or did I misunderstand, is it not supposed to be a link to another post of yours?

    Thank you for mentioning me in your post! And please feel free to link back to me if you want ;)

    1. Sorry about that! I hadn't noticed that Blogger completely screwed up my post. Mea Culpa. Have corrected it now.

  2. I'm trying to type as my two 90 lbs holiday toys try to convince me that they are lapdogs and should be petted at the same time. My human toy animal is laughing at me because I'm buried under a lot of pounds of dog and I'm loving it. Merry me ;-)

    Hm, we should watch some cartoons... with cats in them, so the puppy go insane!