Saturday, December 22, 2012

2 quotes, 1 visual #13

     'Beyond Bizarre: Frightening Facts and Blood-Curdling True Tales' is Varla Venturas' second collection of trivia drawn together to amuse.  Like the first book, this one also includes a nice index of sources.

Quote #1:  "The circumstances behind each incident are pretty much the samr: a young woman has been able to hide her pregnancy, but when her child is born, she throws it over a bridge to fend for itself in the murky deep.  It is said that if you turn off your car engine on one of Ohio's crybabt bridges, you can hear the wails of a newborn child in the wind."  (page 83, paragraph 1)

Quote #2:  "As an adult, in 1563, (Francis de) Civille was buried ia a mass grave during his stint in the army, but his servant dug up his body and discovered he was still alive.  While recovering in his own home, enemy soldiers invaded and tossed his body into a heap of manure, where he remained buried for three more days.  He was once more rescued and revived.  He went on to live to the ripe age of 105 and was buried three days after his death, just to be sure."  (page 156, paragraph 1)

One Visual: "Squirming around somewhere beneath the Gobi desert is the Mongolian Death Worm, a truly gruesome creature named for its resemblance to a blood-filled intestine.  It has spiked protrusions on its' head and tail, but because it has no eyes or discernable mouth, it's hard to tell which end is which."  (page 185, paragraph 3)
        This little beauty is a cryptid.  While I interested in seeing any number of cryptids, up close & in person, I think that I might pass this one up!

        Being a lover of indexes, & being that both books have decent ones, this set has a place in my shelves.


  1. That first quote makes me want to drive to Ohio.

  2. Toward the end of the month I visit some other blogs then my usual coffee pals and I came over from a blog called Something Oddly...I read your profile and see who suffer from chemicals..nasty stuff I have to be careful how I handle them or I have an asthma attack.
    Hope you fine a few minute to stop in at my blog and the coffee is on.